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About our Gas and Electric programs

Utility companies support the service of providing energy cost savings. Utility companies are, by law in deregulated states, only allowed to profit from the distribution /transportation charges to supply gas, electric and green energy. There is no interruption in service…the utility companies maintain their service as in the past. The largest suppliers offer the best pricing. If a business does not choose a supplier the utility company will automatically place the customer in the volatile energy market's. This represents the highest rates in in the country. Choosing GP Energy can typically save between 20-30% or more.

This map represents by state which states are deregulated by gas / electric programs

Commercial gas and electricity were once nationalized products that benefitted from stability in pricing. Service standards and technological innovation has far exceeded demand. Pricing is considerably more volatile and arguably less favorable to the consumer.   Free market economics would typically lead to more competitive pricing for end consumers and yet this benefit appears strangely absent in the areas of commercial gas and electricity markets.

GP Energy focuses on helping businesses take advantage of what pricing competition is available within the market for both commercial gas and electricity needs.  

Free Electricity Pricing Program 3 Easy Steps to Savings

Step #1-

Provide us the most recent information on your electric bill (preferably the past three months) or simply scan (mobile users may either MMS message this or use the ScannerPro app) and send us your most current utility (electric bill)*. Email to *Be sure to include a return phone number, mailing address, or email address for prompt and "to the minute" service.

Step #2-

Sit back and allow GP Energy to do the work for you. Your sales representative will contact you within 24 hours…Guaranteed!