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By viewing our website you have taken the first step in joining our growing family of satisfied customers who depend on GP Energy to provide them the most economical alternative to competitive energy pricing.  You have a right to choose and let GP Energy help you exercise that right.  We, at GP Energy guarantee fast, accurate and easy service and best of all it is FREE!

GP Energy Solutions (GP Energy) is one of the largest and most experienced natural gas and electricity supplier brokers in the United States. With 20,000 satisfied customers (and growing) GP Energy provides free energy consultation offering its customers the best economical alternative to growing or fluctuating gas and electric pricing.  While you watch your business grow let GP Energy work in your corner to increase you and/or your company’s profits through savings.

Peace of mind.

Eliminates the surprise of rising costs. Guaranteed price protection.

Supply and market opportunities that are not available to the regulated local utility.

Peace of mind that you have made the best choice in your energy supplier.

Simplicity. No service interruptions. No connection charges. No monthly fees.